Turning depression around

Where to start?

on 25/09/2013

With the day?  With writing?  With life?

We’ve all woken up in the morning, been faced with an ever-growing to-do list, or just taken a look at our life and what we want to change about it, and asked ourselves that question.  When depression takes hold of us, any sense of structure or logic lets go, and starting anything, anywhere seems impossible.  Rational thinking deserts us, as does motivation to do, to think, to live this life.  Overcome by thoughts, by panic, by exhaustion that is concretely physical, the start line is out of sight, never mind the finish post.

The point is to start. Start anything.  Start something that gets us going, and then keep it going.  Depression may stop without warning, and then just as suddenly start again.  What happens in between is what matters most, and when we feel that we are once again in control of our life, making the most of that time is key.  The more we do, the more we want to do, and the higher the chance that we can keep a relapse at bay.  Cling on to that control as tightly as we can and for as long as we can, and we can put a temporary stop to starting all over again.

No, it’s not easy, especially when nothing gives us any pleasure, but if the tiniest spark dares to twinkle for us, we need to stoke it and breathe ourselves into it.  We can choose to see only the stop that depression has brought us to, or we can look at the junction on an old path and take the chance to start on a new one.  If the starting point is depression, where can we lead it?


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