Turning depression around

Depression doesn’t have to win

on 20/09/2013

Hi there,

Like you, or maybe someone you know, I’ve struggled with depression for a good part of my life.  From where I am now, I want to use my writing to express what I couldn’t for a long time.  For so long, I felt isolated and trapped in my own head, and I could understand people’s frustration at me not being able to put my finger on what was wrong, better than they could themselves.  I’ve found my voice now and am tapping into my own experience to try to increase awareness and appreciation of depression and its effects.

I don’t want to go into the reasons or the situations that have triggered my incidences over the years, as they’ll be different for all of us.  I believe, however, that there will be plenty of symptoms that we share.  What I’m hoping is that I can help you feel less cut off from those around you or, if you’re in the life of someone who’s suffering from depression, I want to let you see into their life and show you how each day feels for them.

I’ll admit, I won’t always practice what I preach, and when I’m deep in the darkness, no light has any hope of reaching me.  I’ve learned to accept that I’m not going to “cured” once and for all, but also that one bad day, or even one bad hour, doesn’t necessarily mean that a significant relapse is inevitable.  Taking life as it comes, not worrying about the “what ifs”, and trusting my instincts have brought me this far, and I’ve had plenty of help along the way.

If I can pass some of that help on to you, that will spur me on in my own fight.


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